Residential Cleaning – Customer Satisfaction

Scheduled Cleanings

  • Initial First Time Cleaning
  • Weekly
  • Bi-Weekly
  • Semi-Monthly
  • Monthly   

Special Cleanings

  • One Time Deep Clean
  • Move In / Move Out
  • Seasonal or Pre-Holiday
  • Special Occasion
  • Construction Clean-Up

Klean-R-Us Janitorial makes every effort to accommodate a schedule that works for you.  Establishing regularly scheduled cleaning weekly, bi-weekly semi-monthly or monthly what corresponds with and meets our client’s needs.

Scheduled Client Benefits:

  • You are on a Schedule
  • Your special instructions are added to your Information Sheet &d referred to each time we clean your home (ie:  pets, cleaning products, Don’t Touch items)
  • You know what to budget
  • If we miss something (we are only human) just call within 24 hours of the cleaning, don’t forget that our goal is customer satisfaction
  • Eligible for discounts, only available to our scheduled customers

What we do when we clean a residence:

  • If clean linen is laid out, we strip and make beds
  • Collect all trash and put where designated
  • Thorough dusting of all rooms, furniture, decorative objects, baseboards, sills, chair rails, etc
  • Clean lights, picture frames, woodwork as needed
  • Vacuum upholstered furniture as needed
  • Thorough vacuuming of floor area
  • Mop hardwood floors
  • Bathrooms:
    • Clean, disinfect and polish all fixtures
    • Clean counters, shelves, lights, and mirrors
    • Vacuum and mop floor
  • Kitchen:
    • Clean all outside surfaces of appliances
    • Clean horizontal/vertical counter surfaces
    • Clean inside of microwave
    • Clean window over sink, if one
    • Vacuum and mop floor

The initial cleaning of your home normally takes longer than a routine visit but thereafter your home is ready for normal maintenance cleaning. The initial cleaning is billed on a per person, per job basis.  If you have any areas of concern that you would like addressed during your initial cleaning just tell us.

We bring our own equipment and supplies
Regular inspections by supervisor

Klean-R-Us Janitorial is happy to help you for a “One-Time” cleaning; we are professionals that clean very efficiently utilizing trained janitorial technicians, proper tools and supplies.  If you require a Special Cleaning just call the office and one of our friendly, courteous, knowledgeable staff will be happy to speak to you regarding your cleaning.  Klean-R-Us Janitorial provides all supplies and equipment, and the price is based on a per person, per hour charge.  We go prepared to work until the job is complete, however, if you would rather limit your cost to a certain amount you can provide us with a list of priorities and we will concentrate on those items for the allotted time.

Jobs, Reasons and Occasions when it is a better idea to call us to clean for you than for you to do the job yourself:


  • Inside Refrigerators
  • Inside Ovens
  • Inside Cabinets
  • Polish Wood Cabinets
  • Polish Silverware
  • Clean Blinds
  • Wash Walls
  • Nasty, Dirty Jobs


  • Live far away
  • Don’t have the time
  • Need the work done within a certain time frame
  • Physically incapable
  • Don’t have all of the equipment or supplies
  • Emotional attachment
  • Would rather be doing something else
  • Don’t like to clean
  • Fun, good reasons and sad, bad reasons


  • Company Coming
  • Holiday Party
  • New Baby
  • Illness
  • Selling your house – On-Market
  • Moving In
  • Moving Out
  • Seasons Change
  • Just added a new Addition and COVERED in construction dust
  • Again – fun, good occasions and sad, bad occasions

Klean-R-Us uses our own equipment and supplies

Also Offered to our Customers:

 Carpet/Floor Cleaning and Window Washing