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Commitment to Cleanliness

Commercial & Residential Janitorial Excellence

If you have a business, you want to make sure it looks fresh and sanitized to reflect the care you have for your employees and customers. Klean-R-Us Janitorial Service Inc offers residential and commercial cleaning in McAlester and Ada OK, and the surrounding areas.

We believe that a clean home or business creates a happy and positive atmosphere. Allow our team of experienced cleaners to refresh the interior of your building. We also provide effective construction clean-up! The satisfaction of our clients is what matters most to our company.

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Residential & Commercial Cleaning in McAlester, OK & Ada, OK

Commercial Cleaning

We believe it is important to have a professional setting in your business, and that starts with a clean office. Klean-R-Us Janitorial Service Inc can customize your cleaning and schedule to meet your needs. Our team of experienced cleaners uses safe and high-quality products to refresh your commercial space. We deliver results that will exceed your expectations with custom scheduling, excellent products, and personalized attention to detail.

Janitorial Service in McAlester, OK & Ada, OK

Cleaning Options

Scheduled Cleanings

  • Daily
  • Twice/Three times a Week
  • Weekly
  • Semi-Monthly
  • Monthly
  • AM or PM
Special Cleanings

  • Floor care
  • Window cleaning
  • Construction Clean-up

What can I expect during a commercial clean?

During a commercial cleaning, you can expect all labor performed by our courteous and professionally-trained staff. Our fully insured and bonded company uses state-of-the-art equipment for fast and thorough cleaning. You can count on us to:


  • Clean entrance
  • Clean all interior glass as needed
  • Empty wastebaskets and replace soiled liners
  • Thorough vacuuming of the floor areas
  • Wash vinyl and ceramic floors
  • Wipe baseboards, doors, and light switches
  • Dust blinds and window sill as needed
  • Check for and remove cobwebs
  • Dust all cleared surfaces of desks, file cabinets, work surfaces
  • Disinfect all telephones
  • Vacuum cloth chairs, wipe arms, edges, and bases as needed
  • Reposition furniture neatly


  • Clean, disinfect and polish all fixtures
  • Clean counters, shelves, lights, and mirrors
  • Clean partitions as needed
  • Remove trash, replace liners
  • Refill soap dispensers and paper products
  • Wash floors


  • Clean all outside surfaces of appliances
  • Clean counter surfaces
  • Remove trash, replace liners
  • Clean inside of microwave
  • Wash floor

What can a commercial cleaner do for my company?

Your company’s cleanliness will affect every aspect of your business, including the attitude of your employees and your customers. When you invest in a commercial cleaning schedule, you can increase the value of your building by reducing repairs and replacement costs and expanding the life of your structure.

You can elevate your business’ image by portraying a classy and stable organization, promoting orderliness and efficiency. Having a positive, respectful, and clean environment increases employee productivity and happiness while setting a standard of excellence for all. Show your employees and customers how much you care for their safety and health with routine cleaning.

What other commercial cleaning services do you offer?

We offer a range of other services that are performed by our professionally trained crews, including:

Floor Care:

  • Bring back a beautiful shine
  • Stripping
  • Sealing
  • Polishing
  • Buffing
  • Ongoing Maintenance

Window Cleaning:

  • Enhance your view of the world
  • Dirt and paint removal from glass
  • Screens are removed, washed, and replaced
  • Window frames and sills are vacuumed and wiped clean

Construction Clean-Ups:

  • The final walkthrough will be flawless
  • Kitchen area, all fixtures, cabinets inside and out cleaned
  • Ceiling fans dusted
  • All interior walls, baseboards, doors, and frames cleaned
  • All floors are vacuumed and mopped
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Residential Cleaning

Klean-R-Us Janitorial Service Inc is committed to refreshing your home into a comfortable and clean space for you and your family. For your convenience, we can customize a schedule to meet your cleaning needs. With flexible scheduling and quality products, you receive the personalized cleaning service you deserve and will be more than happy with. Our Clients come first, and it shows.

Cleaning Company in McAlester, OK & Ada, OK

Cleaning Options

Scheduled Cleanings

  • Initial First Time Cleaning
  • Weekly
  • Bi-Weekly
  • Semi-Monthly
  • Monthly

Special Cleanings

  • One time Deep Clean
  • Move In / Move Out
  • Seasonal or Pre-Holiday
  • Special Holidays
  • Construction Clean-Up

Why should you have scheduled cleaning?

Establishing regularly scheduled cleaning can keep your home feeling and looking nice at all times. We offer various cleaning schedules to correspond with your needs. With scheduled cleaning, you can:


  • Ensure your home is cleaned the way you want every time.
  • Know and plan for your cleaning budget.
  • If anything is missed, call within 24 hours of the cleaning, and we’ll be there to fix it.
  • Be eligible for discounts.

What does residential cleaning consist of?

The initial cleaning of your home normally takes longer, but after that, your home is ready for regular maintenance cleaning. The initial cleaning is billed on a per person, per job basis. If you have any areas of concern that you would like addressed during your initial cleaning, just tell us.

What we generally cover:

  • If clean linen is laid out, we strip and make beds
  • Collect all trash and put where designated
  • Thorough dusting of all rooms, furniture, decorative objects, baseboards, sills, chair rails, etc
  • Clean lights, picture frames, woodwork as needed
  • Vacuum upholstered furniture as needed
  • Thorough vacuuming of floor area
  • Mop hardwood floors


  • Clean, disinfect and polish all fixtures
  • Clean counters, shelves, lights, and mirrors
  • Vacuum and mop floor


  • Clean all outside surfaces of appliances
  • Clean horizontal/vertical counter surfaces
  • Clean inside of microwave
  • Clean window over sink
  • Vacuum and mop floor

When is it better to hire a cleaner than to do it yourself?

We have curated a list of tasks, reasons, and Occasions for when it is a better idea to call us to clean for you than for you to do the job yourself:

  • Inside refrigerators
  • Inside ovens
  • Inside cabinets
  • Polish wood cabinets
  • Polish silverware
  • Clean blinds
  • Wash walls
  • Nasty, dirty jobs


  • Live far away
  • Don’t have the time
  • Need the work done within a certain time frame
  • Physically incapable
  • Don’t have all of the equipment or supplies
  • Emotional attachment
  • Would rather be doing something else
  • Don’t like to clean


  • Company Coming
  • Holiday Party
  • New Baby
  • Illness
  • Selling your house – On-Market
  • Moving In
  • Moving Out
  • Seasons change
  • New construction

What equipment and supplies do we bring when cleaning?

Klean-R-Us Janitorial provides all supplies and equipment. We are professionals that clean efficiently utilizing trained janitorial technicians, proper tools, and supplies. If you require a special cleaning, just call the office and one of our friendly, courteous, knowledgeable staff will be happy to speak to you regarding your cleaning.
Breathe freshness into your home or office today! Contact our team at 918-423-4918 to schedule a cleaning.
Janitorial Service in McAlester, OK & Ada, OK

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